About Us

Due to COVID-19 in 2020 we will be modifying the number of events hosted.
The R-Series is a series of sanctioned events hosted by Athletics Alberta.  In 2020 there will be 6 events over 6 months.  You can do each event as a team or run it solo, with friends or with family, or a mixture of both. 
Don’t have 5 people it doesn’t matter.  The minimum number to qualify as a team is 2.

Event Rules

Team or Solo

  • A Team must consist of minimum 2 people to maximum of 5 people.
  • Solo The person who starts the race is the one who must finish the race.
  • Your combine team age is your age group.

How to calculate your Age Category:

  • Example: If you Team consists of a 15 year old, 18 Year old, 49 year old, 50 year old, and 75 year old then you age category equals 200-249.


South Glenmore Park

April 24, 2021


Victoria Park

May 8, 2021


Edworthy Park

May 22, 2021



Whitemud Park

July 10, 2021


Lindsay Park

September 11, 2021


Email: cheryl @athleticsalberta.com